Christian Hip Hop Artist Banned from Tiktok

Beauty Queen, Beleaf’s new single, is an ode to little girls. The music video is classic; straightforward and tells a complete story. Unfortunately, Beauty Queen was the song/sound that Tiktok deemed copyright infringement.

Why did Beleaf lose his Tiktok account, really?

Beleaf of the global brand Belief in Fatherhood has been removed from the social media app, TikTok for using his own music as a sound with his own short-form video content.  If you skim through the song instead of listening to it fully, I could see how one would discern incorrectly and accuse Beleaf of copyright infringement. It’s crafted for a female and has a female singing the hook. However, if you keep listening intently you’ll discover Beleaf delivering bars effortlessly, as he does! Beleaf’s fans are hoping for a thorough investigation. 

Dream Junkies artist, Beleaf, has established himself as an influencer in the realm of parenting, with a heavy emphasis on black fatherhood. 

“I created Beleaf in Fatherhood to be the proof. To equip fathers, bring hope to mothers, and inspire children. My hope is that real stories of fatherhood will bring connection and healing to people everywhere”. 

-Beleaf Melanin

Beleaf’s artistry is intertwined with his parenting. Many of his followers are frustrated with TikTok for the mishandling of his account, specifically for the extreme measures taken. 

Questions That Need to be Answered

According to Beleaf’s followers, Tiktok has some explaining to do.

  • Was it necessary to remove his account?
  • Can his account be retrieved without defect?
  • How can TikTok make this right?

It’s cool that TikTok has policies to protect its community but will they make this horrendous mistake right with Beleaf?

Beleaf’s response to a tweet by one of his followers states,

Beleaf has since started a new Tiktok account and his followers are trickling in quickly as he is posting more and more content.

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