How Bryson Gray Diss To Lecrae Is shaking Up Christian Hip Hop

Like him or not Bryson Gray has done something alot of CHH artist can not do. That is to create a buzz through social media. A few weeks back Bryson made waves in the Christian Hip Hop community with his song “Game Over” with his diss on Christian Hip Hop Legend Lecrae with the line

We don’t listen to Lecrae cuz his a fake Christian

I’m just keeping it 100 I ain’t dissing

Alot of people started to talk down about Bryson because of the simple fact that he is a big Trump support (Note : The MAGA Hat)

Do I agree with the diss or his political stance that is another blog post but I want to show you what Bryson Gray has done with over 100k subs on YouTube 200K on Instagram and 200K Monthly Listeners on Spotify to top it off he is an independent artist Christen Rappers should be taking notes on how this brother is creating a line for himself.

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