Lecrae Compares Himself to Lil Wayne

Lecrae compares himself to Lil Wayne on his YouTube channel has. Now before you go and hit the comment section and slander what I have to say here me out. Lecrae saying just like Lil Wayne Lecrae has influenced a whole generation in Christian rap and just like Lil Wayne the generation that Lecrae has influenced has embraced alot of Lecrae ways to make it in the music business. The new kids in Christian Hip Hop wants what Lecrae has accomplished without the studying, the processing, and the accountability all the things that will allow you to have the mindset to stay into the music business. Sure Lecrae did not have the career like Lil Wayne but Lecrae has “sons” in the CHH genre. Also, Lecrae compares himself to Lil Wayne is an very accurate statement that I have to agree with. Lecrae is coming off his new album Restoration and is releasing a book this month

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