Top 5 CHH Artist to Look out for in May 2020

May is here, and we had an awesome month of artist submissions for our radio show, “Review Fridays”. Let’s take a look back at a few artist we introduced to 44 radio.  Each artist caught the eye of our audience. Don’t be surprised when you see these artist making waves in Christian Hip Hop!

Paul Morris 


The South Florida triple threat (Rapper, Singer, Songwriter) took CHH Now community by storm with his single “Luke Warm”. Paul has been grinding for a while in CHH and has releases a number of singles this year. His latest single “Life” gives us insight into his life growing up.  His latest audition for NPRs “Tiny Desk” concert displays his singing ability and a glimpse of what it would be like to experience his live show.  Check out his spotify page or watch his latest video below!

Justin Binnicker


Justin Binnicker is a rookie in Christian Hip Hop. He released his very first single, “Vulnerable” this year. Justin wowed the audience on Review Fridays with his versatility in flow, style, and the emotion that drove auto-tuned singing.  Justin sounds more like a veteran than a rookie in the game.  Only time will tell how high Justin Binnicker will go in Christian Hip Hop. Don’t be surprise if Justin starts to make some noise in the game.  Check out his Spotify or listen to his newest single below.

Isaac Mather


Isaac Mather is a producer and artist who is already getting known in the game for his expertise.  As a dope sound engineer, he shocked our audience with his stunning single ” I Need Your Love” and “Never Felt Like This”. Isaac has a way to talk about his pain and struggles on his records. Isaac will be a focus in Christian Hip Hop real soon.  Check out his newest video below!

Torrance Rudd


Worship Mode, artist Torrance Rudd has been making moves with his 2020 album, “Religion Almost Killed Meā€.  Torrance submitted to our radio show, “Review Fridays”, his single “Juice” with Worship Mode’s CEO, Uncle Reece.  If you follow Torrance on social media he is also a motivator and inspiration, giving insight of his life and helping other people escape the trap of religion, freeing themselves through Jesus Christ. With his newest single, “Weight Up”, with KMO and Stump, Torrance displays his singing and rapping skills. Check out his Spotify or watch his latest video below! 



J. Conic is making moves in Christian Hip Hop period!  He tied for “song of the night” on “Review Fridays” with a  banger called, “Nova” Nova. It slaps hard with it’s catchy hook!.  It’s very relatable.  His video will probably be out soon, but J.Conic is a name that you definitely need to know.  Check out his Spotify or watch his latest video below!

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