Kayne West At “Donna” Listening Party In Atlanta

Even after two live events to mark the release of the wide-anticipated “Donda” album, I must say that Kanye has not yet officially let go of his work.

A few days ago, the musical genius organized his second listeners’ party in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, which sold out as expected. Still, we have not yet had a chance to add the twenty-four tracks from his album to our playlist.

The awaited “Donda,” a tribute album to Kanye’s late mother that passed away in 2007, features renowned artists like; Jay Z, The Weeknd, Lil Yachty, and so many other big names. One of the biggest questions right now would be; why are all these notable names on Kanye’s new album? Even after releasing his gospel album “Jesus Is King” in 2019, you can’t ignore that he has kept his status in the mainstream pop world of music. His rebirth into his Christian roots caused a positive impact in his following, music, and lyrical content. Today, he has continuously influenced mainstream content from rap to fashion. His Yeezy brand has created originality in the fashion world through all seasons, and not to mention his heroic sneakers, made in collaboration with Adidas Originals, have sold a ton of pairs throughout the years.

Kanye West first hosted his listening party for “Donda” on July 22nd, a live event with the idea to play the album for the first time before officially releasing it on Friday, July 23rd. The reality was, most of the songs from the album were not yet completed, so the album never came out.

After his second listening party, the much better news is that the album is now available for pre-order on Apple Music in a few selected countries.

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