Top Ten Greatest CHH Artists Of All Time

Top Ten Christian Hip Hop Artist Of All Time

These ten Christian hip-hop (CHH) artists on this list have shaped the Christian rap and hip-hop scene in their ways. They have kept the genre trending till today amidst the booming mainstream culture that has captured almost every media outlet across the globe.

We shall refer mainly to their style, cultural impact, and past album performances in sales and reach. Materialistic things like their assets are not considered because these only play a subordinate role here and do not reflect their skills. The list will also help anyone new to Christian hip-hop find out some good artists in CHH. 


Coming through as one of the most innovative rappers today, Bizzle is famous for his response to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s “Same Love.” His drip of the old-style rap has helped him rank up in the numbers and has been on the Christian scene since 2004. The rapper has been tested a couple of times after releasing his single “You Got Some Explaining to Do” in 2010, which ended up with him making a statement about it in one of his interviews. Bizzle has influenced so many Christian rappers to come out and rap about the facts in or community that other people may fear to mention out. Through this, he also started his label “God Over Money.” Currently, he has over eight albums to his name, including “The Good Fight,” which debuted No. 2 on Billboard’s Gospel Albums chart and sold over 3,962 copies in the first week.

  1. CANON

He was part of the reflection music group with Derek Minor. He is one of those Christian hip-hop rappers with his style, which sets him apart from everybody. His faith in God is something he boasts in all his music. Canon’s album “Mad Heaven” debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard charts in 2013, generating over 2,809 sales in just one week. For this, he couldn’t miss being on this list.


They have been a fixture in the Christian hip-hop culture for almost a decade (2011). Marty and Fern started with solo Eps, and they accumulated a discography of over 15 solo works, Eps, and long players. Their combination is comprised of cheeky wordplay and clever rhyme schemes that are always delivered with street-relevant content. They have significantly impacted the people of Miami to embrace Christian hip-hop.

  1. KB

Even after leaving Reach Records in 2020, KB has continued to be one of the best Christian lyricists. Now signed with Essential Sound, the rapper released his fourth studio album, “His Glory Alone,” where he displays his position on this list with striking bars on bars in each song. KB has also gone ahead to encourage young hip-hop rappers like “Ray Emmanuel,” who he featured on “Die Rich,” to keep it Christian in their music. For his love of Christian hip-hop, he makes the list.


Andy Mineo is one of the most popular Christian hip-hop rappers in the same ranks as Lecrae or NF in terms of content. His passion for rap has made him successful with many awards associated with his name, including Grammy Award in 2013 for his album “Gravity.” His personal best album “Uncomfortable” sold over 35,000 units and 32,000 in pure album sales. His style and brand are a mirror for all upcoming CHH rappers.


With three albums to his name and multiple singles, the Philadelphia native Eshon was first featured on Jazzy Jeff’s “Return of the Magnificent.” Since then, he has evolved into the self-made Christian hip-hop artist rising in ranks as he impacts the world. His album “The Fear of God” appeared in the Top 15 of iTunes’ top-selling hip-hop albums chart in 2015. For this achievement, he wrote on one of his social media handles, “Let’s change the face of this genre that impacts millions of lives.” Indeed, he is impacting millions.


One of everyone’s favorite Christian hip-hop artists is Trip Lee. His album “Rise” was loved by so many, from which he made a lot of fans. Trip Lee is a rapper and a pastor, which indeed paints a clear picture for the Christian community that you can do both if you believe in God. His “The Good Life” album debuted on No.17 on the billboard 200 when it first came out and sold over 22,000 units in its first week.


The singer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US, has recorded multiple singles with Kirk Franklin, Trip Lee, and Tye Tibett. He features on the list for his No. 1 project “The Big Picture” on the iTunes Christian & Gospel chart. The project went till No. 1 on the same day it came out. His style of rap and art in music deserves him to be among the best.


Every Kingdom deserves a queen. On our list is female Christian hip-hop artist, writer, and poet. She has come out openly to speak about real-life issues like homosexuality. She has written a book about this for Christian ministry organizations. Her life is a lesson for so many of her fans to look at and reflect on. Through her significant impact, her two studio albums have made it good on all major streaming platforms. For that reason, she takes second place on our list.


Most of you will know who he is because he is one of the most celebrated and most listened to Christian hip-hop artists. With his “Church Cloths” brand album, Lecrae is one of the CHH rappers that have penetrated the mainstream with ease because of his talent. His music has impacted and influenced many young lads to join in the Godly rap game. He has had multiple tracks topping No. 1 in the Christian hip-hop charts. His album “Gravity” sells over 72,000 units worldwide.

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