Eric “Prof. Biz” Vaughan Brown Passes Away

Today as I reflect on my life I am reminded that life is truly short. Yesterday as I was looking through Twitter to see what was going on in the landscape of Christian Hip Hop a familiar name pop up in my timeline. Prof. Biz he was trending on my timeline with someone retweeted a few song he did.

In my mind I was thinking I have to check out some more of Prof. Biz work. Meeting Biz at the 2019 A3C Festival at the Rapzilla conference we meet at the Trackstarz studios. We were watching a interview of Parris Chariz I meet a few artist out of Florida that all rode together. I spoke with every one of them but had an extensive conversation with Prof. Biz, ILISH Jekasole, and JUSTCALLMEDT.

It was a brief conversation no more than 20 minutes but the impact was done. Biz left me better and more enlightening than I was before the conversation. We keep in touch later on in 2020 Biz would send record for us to review on our Review Fridays show. Biz even made it in the top ten of out charts even engaging in our live chat room linking up with other artist giving feedback doing the show still the news hits hard today as I write this blog post.

Still it hurts to see his name on my timeline seeing him pass on to be with our father in heaven but I know he was about our fathers business. I pray for his family and his closes friends the HillTop Society every artist that was touched by Prof. Biz through his short 35 years here on this earth. I also want to encourage anyone who may read this that you don’t have to be the most well known artist or deem to be special but if you are deem by the father for his mission he will forever raise your name up to impact many lives. To Eric “Prof. Biz” Vaughan Brown thank you your memory will forever live on and until we meet again my Friend

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