Lecrae Reveals Why He Left Columbia Records

Earlier this year Lecrae left his major label Colombia Records after just two projects. His next project Restoration would be released through his record label Reach Records 

Lecrae main reason for signing to Columbia Records was he became too big for his label. There were too many resources required for him as an artist not enough for his other artist signed to him. When he signed with Columbia, the Reach team was able to spread there resources better.

However, the downsides of being on a major label Lecrae couldn’t move unless the label allowed him to move. He explained that some of the initiatives in the community, special song releases, and actions that he wanted to take part in, would have had to go through the label. Columbia would have allowed him to do his special events but it would have taken way long then Lecrae wanted 

Ultimately, he wanted his freedom, and Reach is doing well and in a place where the machine doesn’t have to devote all their time to him.

Watch Lecrae talk about it below:

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