Top Five Upcoming Artist To Watch For in 2021

There are Christian rappers at every conceivable level of edification.  Some rappers rap about how their faith helps them to resist the seductions of California gangs and a hip-hop stereotype as well as American systemic racism.  Chance The Rapper raps about how he uses his faith to stay clean and get absorbed in the role of the ultra-empathic family father.  Today Kanye West raps about how he can use his faith to find new mental stability and even endure to be almost as tall as Jesus.  All these artists were made rappers long ago when religion became the supporting wall in their music.

Currently, with new evolving and redefining styles and sounds of rap, new Christian Hip Hop artists are emerging from all parts of the world to shape the game once again. Below are some of those artists you should watch out for in 2021;

  1. 1Kpson

Hailing from the south, in a place where hip-hop has rare some of the greatest minds and talents in music history, 1Kpson is yet to join the numbers. The Christian rapper has an undeniable gift and grips the lanes of Trap music like a professional even if he has only had a few features so far.

  1. Jekasole

The singer/songwriter from Miami, FL nurtured her love for hip-hop with poetry at the age of 12. Her mission is to always try to shift the culture by keeping the truth within her lyrics with real-life encounters that she has gone through before and even now within her walk of faith.

  1. Kham

After opening up for artists like; KB, Social Club, and Steven Malcolm, Kham released his debut EP “The Dive” in 2018. In his craft, the talented rapper strives to create music that not only challenges his fans but also encourages them to have hope in their lives.

  1. Scootie Wop

Credited for his attribution to the South Carolina hip-hop scene, Scootie is a budding figure in CHH. His production and rapping skills were displayed on his EP titled “Woptavius Porter” which was appreciated by a whole new range of fans.

  1. Wxlf

Wilfred Collado aka. Wxlf moved to Miami, FL at the age of 10. This is where his love for hip-hop was nurtured. Since then, he has made music that has caused a difference in his Miami community through the Miami Hip-Hop community.

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