Weekly Top Ten List On Christian Hip Hop Now 6-23-20

Last week we took a break with the list due to low voting from last week. However, we are back with the new top 10 list. Taking back his number 1 spot is Torrance Rudd, “Religion Almost Killed Me”.  This is Torrance’s 2nd time going number 1 on the CHH Now charts.  Bobby Bendito jumped back into the top 10 as he was number 4 on the June 1, 2020 charts. With his highest charting position at number 2, “The Takeback” is performing  well moving up on the CHH Now charts. JayKnight’s, “Never Change”, jumped up to number 4. This song continues to jump up the chart every week with it’s number 6  beginning position on June 1st.  Faithful Servant jumped from number 10 to number 6 on this week’s charts. Maali P dipped from number 4 to number 7. Storm Cecile dropped just one spot to number 3 on the charts with her spoken word song, “Hold On”.

Honorable Mentions: Just Robert- On The Clock

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