Weekly Top Ten List On CHHNOW 8/18/20

Another week a new number 1 on the weekly top ten list. After taking a break for website maintenance we are back to give you our top ten of chhnow.com. Coming in at number 1 Clancy with his single “Clermont Ferrond” JusNate comes back on the charts with his single “Njoy” his highest charting since 6/23/20 charts when he was number 5 on the charts. Mike Myz single “Table” comes back on the charts with his highest charting since coming in at number 5 on the 7/21/20 charts. Storm Cecile “Hold On” has stayed strong staying on the charts since here debut on the 6/8/2020 charts. Storm has been on the CHHNOW charts a total of 5 charts which is probably on of the longest songs to chart in CHHNOW history. J.Broady has a new song in the charts with his “Overflo” This is J.Broady first time making the CHHNOW charts. Torrance Rudd has a new song “Blessing” to crack the top ten charts with his “Religion Almost Killed Me” reached number 1 on the CHHNOW twice on the 5/25/20 and the 6/23/20 charts. Aaron S. “God Vybez” is steady at the number 9 charts. First timer Shon Tha Phenom has the number 9 song with “Still Loading” and Bobby Bendito “The Takeback” rounds out to the number 10 spot.

Honorable Mention: Cayman Wendy “So Familiar” J.Conic “Star Struck”


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